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When Everyone Else Is Running Out Of Venezuela, Why Then Is Optimus Investing And Expanding There?

When Everyone Else is Running out of Venezuela, why then is Optimus Investing and Expanding There?

Recently, Optimus has undergone material growth and expansion in Florida, Canada, the Caribbean, and most recently in Latin America.  Specifically, Optimus has opened a new office and grown its personnel in the city of Valencia, Venezuela.  The new group is composed of mostly professionals that fall under the Millennial demographic group.  Optimus believes that with both generational and geographic diversity, we become stronger and more creative.  This allows Optimus to better deliver impactful business transformation and creative enterprise solutions to our clients.

Many people like you already know that Venezuela offers breath-taking landscapes, but not all know that Venezuela is also rich in people talent.  Throughout history Venezuela has had illustrious and world renowned individuals.  Three examples of such individuals that have either discovered a global medical cure for a terrible disease; altered the history of the southern hemisphere of the Americas; or inspired many others to go above and beyond in sports are:

Do you know them?


1: Simón Bolívar: Venezuelan soldier and politician, amongst the most distinguished individuals during the American Emancipation from the Spanish empire.  Simon Bolivar contributed to the independence of many nations such as Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador, Panama, Peru and Venezuela.

2: Dr. Jacinto Convit: Creator of the vaccine capable of curing and preventing leprosy.  A 1988 Nobel Prize of Medicine nominee and the 1987 Winner of the Prince of Asturias Award for Scientific Investigation and Technique.

3: Maickel Melamed: Diagnosed with psychomotor mental handicap due to umbilical cord asphyxiation during birth.  Doctors predicted that he would not live a long and full life, but they were mistaken.  Melamed grew up to become a great athlete, and has competed in the Boston, New York, Chicago, Berlin, and Tokyo marathons.

Article by:  Gabriel Araujo

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