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Optimus Has Partnered With Enterprise Risk Management (ERM)

Optimus has partnered with Enterprise Risk Management (ERM)

Miami, Florida—September 27, 2016—Enterprise Risk Management (ERM), a leading provider of Cybersecurity Services and PCI Compliance, has partnered with Optimus Business Transformation LLC (Optimus), a leading provider of Business Consulting and Enterprise Technology Solutions for industry verticals around Microsoft Dynamics, JD Edwards and other leading providers in the US, Caribbean and LATAM.  Optimus’ business model in its Business Consulting division includes partnering with industry leaders and gurus in their particular fields.  Optimus recognizes that specialists are required for certain value added, security and regulatory services.

Security attacks and breaches are increasing at a rapid rate affecting all organizations and individuals.  The types of attacks are diverse, constantly changing, and extremely damaging.  More and more organizations and individuals are becoming the victims of different types of cyber-attacks such as phishing attacks via email systems, ransomware that encrypt system’s data, POS attacks, malware that extract sensitive data, and denial of service attacks.  The attacks are occurring in multiple industries. Maintaining Payment Card Industry (PCI) compliance is a big challenge for most organizations.  PCI compliance is not optional for organizations that process, transmit or authorize credit card information.  If an organization does not comply, the credit card brands can impose monetary fines and/or terminate services.

 “This new strategic alliance combines the technology, services and industry experience of two market leaders to help organizations address today’s compliance and risk management issues, while positioning them to keep up with continually changing and increasingly complex security demands,” stated Enterprise Risk Management President, Silka M. González.  “Enterprise Risk Management looks forward to working with Optimus Consulting to meet the needs of business transformation.

“The ERM and Optimus strategic alliance will also help expand the geographic coverage of both companies while maintaining our philosophy of “Local Touch, Global Reach”, stated Hector Negrón, Optimus Managing Director.  “As our clients become more digitalized, Omni Channel oriented, and digitally socially connected; risk and security requirements also increase.  Optimus wants to make sure that as our clients conduct their business transformation into the new social digital era, they do it securely.

About Optimus Business Transformation

Through innovation and proven tactics our Gurus apply leading technological platforms to support our client’s business transformation needs. We become their trusted advisor and diligently serve them through the transformation process. For more information, visit our website

About Enterprise Risk Management, Inc.

Enterprise Risk Management is a trusted and “go to” advisor for all matters related to information security.  ERM protects individuals, businesses and societies by offering a full complement of security lifecycle services & products that identify, manage and reduce security risk.  These include information security assessments, information security implementation & remediation, digital forensics, security products and security awareness training. For Additional Information visit:

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