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Optimus Will Bring Black Friday To B2B This Year!  Starting In 2016, Optimus Will Announce Its First Microsoft Dynamics Software Black Friday Specials!

Optimus will bring Black Friday to B2B this year! Starting in 2016, Optimus will announce its first Microsoft Dynamics Software Black Friday Specials!

Welcome to our Black Friday deals!















Please note discounts do not apply to software enhancement, maintenance or support.  Customers cannot apply promotion herein to other discounts and incentives in software.  May not apply in certain Enterprise Agreement (EA), Online, Dynamics 365, Software Advisor (SA) and Global Volume Pricing scenarios.  Excludes Microsoft Cloud, Dynamics 365, Office, SQL, Microsoft and other non-Dynamics Product Lines.  Trainings are subject to availability and its value cannot be used for other services and products.  Other terms, conditions and restrictions may apply.  When in doubt or not clear, always ask first.

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