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Optimus CEO Position Against The Immigration Ban And “The Wall” – Lets Not “Make America Great Again”, Let’s “MAKE AMERICA AWESOME AGAIN”

Optimus CEO Position Against the Immigration Ban and “The Wall” – Lets not “Make America Great Again”, let’s “MAKE AMERICA AWESOME AGAIN”

First, I want to mention that I am a straight, married, white skinned, brown haired, hazel eyed, Protestant, Republican and 4th generation US Citizen.   I do want to note that my great grandfather fought in WW I.  One of my grandfathers participated in the Korean War and the other in WW II.  My uncle was in Vietnam, and my mother retired as a US Lt. Coronel.  I have a Sibling who was in the US Navy and a cousin who is a current army officer who served in Afganistan.  And, yes, I have more extended family that has and presently serve in the US Armed Forces.   Did I mention, I was an Army Brat that lived 3 years in US Armed Forces Bases.  Basically, I come from a family where a large part of my close loved ones suffered from some sort of the side effects of war which included Agent Orange, alcoholism, drug addiction, psychological trauma and other post war physical and mental issues.  So, let’s start out, my family has sacrificed more than most families in protecting US borders, interests and liberty.


With a clean conscience and being part of a family that protects our country’s safety, I cannot support the Muslim Ban and the Mexico Wall.  Also, the Optimus family of employees, customers, subcontractors and suppliers come from multiple countries, religions and ethnic backgrounds.  Optimus is a melting pot.  The new polices signed in the last weeks make no sense at all.  Let me explain:


1)  The true and pure US Citizens are Native Americans and they were basically conquered, abused and have been all but exterminated.  We all talk about the Holocaust, but this was worse and lasted longer than Hitler’s crime against humanity.    America is now a pure immigrant nation and its success stemmed from the hard working families that moved into this Great Nation to improve both their own lives and second the communities they came to live in.  Not from the almost extermination of its real inhabitants.  Hey, Alexander Hamilton was born in St. Kitts (the Caribbean) and Einstein was not born in the USA either.


2) America was built on the backs of both free and enslaved immigrants.  Look at US history books (although this literature concentrates on the “free” part of history).   There were two types of slaves.  The system for Europeans/Whites that was referred to as Servitude.  A large amount of the first poor European immigrants paid their way from their homeland to the USA with a latter forced labor model.   Unfortunately, many died in that role or the system did not permit for them to pay their debt.  Sound like a “less harsh” slavery model?  On the other hand, for Africans, their system was called Slavery.  By far, a more inhumane model.  Back then, somehow, both systems were justified with religion, politics and economics and not by the US Constitution or our American Dream.   Hey, and as quick historical fact, after the Civil War, Confederates were Democrats, not Republican.   Ironic or confusing?


3)  While America evolved into the great country it is today, there is undisputed and documented evidence that at different given times in history there was bias against Italians, Puerto Ricans, Africans, Irish, Jews, etc.  Black and whites, alike.  I won’t go into detail as there is a large amount of information (including historical Congress and Presidential minutes of sessions and meetings).  This is not a conspiracy theory, but hard facts.  The current year is 2017 and not in the 1800’s,  let’s not do the same with Mexicans and Muslims.


4) Freedom of religion is one of the pillars of how and why our country was founded.  I remember reading in history books on how Protestants were discriminated and pushed out of many European Cities.  Have you ever heard about Pilgrims immigrating to the USA from England and then having something called Thanksgiving?  Anyone reading this a Mormon? How about a Catholic?  Hey, even Atheists are not well accepted.   All I know is that further back I go in history, the more this ban sounds like a broken record.  The truth and the fact is that it is a Constitutional right to be Muslim and live the American Dream.  If we allow these new Trump policies to be applied to Muslims, then we open a can of worms that can lead towards bias and laws even against other Christian denominations.


5) Talking about history, didn’t a Catholic Pope recently apologize about its stance during WW II with the Nazis and the Holocaust?  Yes, that happened.  Has anyone ever heard about the Crusades and how in the name of a Christian God, the Church and European Nations killed, massacred and raped citizens of Middle Eastern countries?  Hey, and in the spirit of keeping with Christianity “peacefulness” in Europe and the USA, how about the Inquisition, Salem Witch Trials and other “witch hunting”.   Is it my protestant me (my mother and daughter are Catholic), or is it certain people with their biased interpretations who make religion bad; not religion making people bad.   I have an interesting question for all:  Who has killed, raped, maimed, conquered, ruled and persecuted more: Muslims in Europe/America or Christians in Middle East/Africa?


Optimus and myself cannot support a Wall with Mexico and a Muslim ban with clean conscience, or let’s face it, any conscience at all.  Also, this is not what I want my kids to think of their country, the USA.  This is not the reason why my family has fought, sacrificed, suffered and sickened for, in their effort to protect their families, American Ideals and the security of our Great Nation.


Immigration is THE BUILDING BLOCK of America.  BLOCKS used to construct our present Wall of Freedom.  BLOCKS put together by the lives of our Fallen Brave.  Love and passion is what motivates us to protect our borders.  The American Dream is not based on violence, but on progress.  Diversity makes us stronger, creative and more tolerant.  Immigration is the core of a “MAKE AMERICA AWESOME AGAIN”.  And as a clarification, it is a controlled, unbiased and organized immigration policy (like what has existed mostly in the past) that is best for our Nation.  Not one that is either uncontrolled or racist one.  So, I am confirming, we support controls and security, not racism or extremism.


And before anyone sends a comment on our stance, I will ask you to do something before commenting.  That is, please make sure you have at least 6 direct family members (parent, sibling or grandparent) who have served in protecting our nation.  And out of those minimum of six, at least four of them actually went into a war and shot a gun.  And out of those four, at least two of them were sprayed with Agent Orange (Vietnam) and/or unknown chemicals in WW II by the same army they served (US Army).  And out of those two, both suffered from physical disease (like anemia and cancer) from those “friendly” chemicals.  Hey, by the way, wasn’t one of the reasons we invaded Iraq (twice) was protecting Iraqi citizens from Saddam spraying chemicals on his own citizens?


So, the small amount of you who do pass the above test, there is one more drill.  Like me, please spend at least 1,000 hours reading, researching and studying both American history and the European one (where the majority of US ancestors come from).   Wow, something tells me, not many of you can comment against this post at this time.


And did I mention that I am a protestant, straight, married, white, brown haired, hazel eyed, Republican, dual MBA, and a 4th generation US citizen that belongs to an Italian/Spain immigrant lineage with a 4 generation heritage of a US Military serving family?




Hector Negron

Managing Director

Optimus Business Transformation


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