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Our Prayers With Our Clients And Team Members In Jamaica.  And Not Even Hurricane Season

Our prayers with our clients and team members in Jamaica. And not even Hurricane Season

The peak of the intense weather system affecting the island for the last four days has now passed, the director of the Meteorological Service Division, Evan Thompson, said yesterday.  But that was not before it inundated much of the country.

Thompson says the weather should return to normal by Friday and many Jamaicans cannot wait for that to happen, having experiences their homes flooded out to the point where rescue missions had to save some of them from disaster.  People were marooned, as roads became rivers and death traps, crops were flattened and bridges undermined.

Thompson said that the island has experienced an unprecedented level of rainfall over the last four days and that some parishes such as Clarendon, St Mary and St Catherine saw more rain water over the four days than the usual average for the entire month.

Here are more scenes from the flood rains yesterday.


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