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2017-09-16 Did You Know? (15)

2017-09-16 Did you know? (15)

Here’s who Amazon and Walmart might acquire next. Read the full article


And the game is on! Get in eCommerce and Social or die. Read the full article at

Urgent, security related. Please read this article. May affect your corporate’s security. Read the full article at

Business Insight and Analytics to a new level with Microsoft Power Apps. Important announcements.Read the full article here

And Apple does it again. The amount of innovation. Take a look at the iPhone X and Apple Watch 3. Easily, computing power that can automate businesses like never before.

Closest and most practical to AI (Artificial Intelligence) to date.  Our CEO trying it out next week with the Apple Watch 3 with Cellular.  Getting real “Dick Tracy” and “Inspector Gadget” on us.

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