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Five Key Technologies Of Power BI For Building Data Visualization Solutions For Medical Sales Reps.

Five Key Technologies of Power BI for Building Data Visualization Solutions for Medical Sales Reps.

A medical sales representative’s objective is to educate doctors about the drug brands they represent to ultimately increase sales and market share. This requires not only medical knowledge but also a business strategy that uses prescription information to drive effort in the most efficient way. Prescription information can be very rich (depending on its source provider) and may include, besides the brand data itself, dosage, quantity, intended use, and prescribing physician. A pharmaceutical company would want this data from their own brands and from other brands in the same market.

Power BI is a suite of business intelligence tools to analyze data and share insights that can be used to put together this puzzle from beginning to end and deliver a visual analytics solution for medical sales reps. The five key technologies that Power BI affords here are:

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