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Spotify Would Be Working On A New Music Player Controlled By Voice.

Spotify would be working on a new music player controlled by voice.

Spotify would be working on a new voice-controlled music player that would be focused on the car.

According to several evidences found in the application itself, it could be a device for the car with 4G LTE connectivity. Thanks to it, the user would have the opportunity to control the audio reproduction by voice even in old vehicles.

Several users, in addition, assure that Spotify will integrate the Alexa assistant in the own equipment. The company considers voice control as a fundamental element of its user experience, explains The Verge.

Hardware seems to be an important component in Spotify’s internal strategy. During the last months they have posted various job offers for projects of this type; and the exponential growth of smart loudspeakers – such as HomePod and Google Home – could be a new business path for the most popular streaming music service in the world.

Source: Hipertextual

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