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2018 Is The Year Of Artificial Intelligence Transformation From RPA To SMEs

2018 Is The Year Of Artificial Intelligence Transformation From RPA To SMEs

Suddenly it’s all about small- and medium-sized businesses (SMEs) as this oft-overlooked sector of the global economy now takes center stage.

In the FinTech world, a swathe of products are being launched to suit the sector, be that blockchain-based ideas to speed up invoice payment or access to capital funds that were previously unavailable.

Now the AI world is joining in with promises of predicting consumer behavior geared towards SMEs who have to compete with tech giants that mop up the best data scientists and their algorithms.

The current state of play means SMEs find it hard to compete with the cost, complexity and consulting taken by big enterprises.

So step forward tech company Xineoh that says it has developed a platform for predicting customer behaviour with AI ‘which allows businesses to out-predict their competition thus allowing them to maximize efficiency and customer satisfaction’.

It’s a bold claim and one laser-focused on SMEs. Its so-called bespoke AI solutions on Xineoh’s platform can be implemented rapidly without the cost, complexity and consulting required by other methods.

The platform’s deep learning capability is used to match people with products, match inventory with business opportunity, match prices with spending propensity and apparently match people with usage patterns.

Source: Forbes

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