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Retail Therapy: Amazon’s Prickly Plan To Box Up Christmas Cheer

Retail Therapy: Amazon’s prickly plan to box up Christmas cheer

t’s been another weird week in retail. Amazon announced it would be shipping live pine trees to customers, there are two separate companies making overpriced dog beds for the rich and Nike had another tough week of enduring bans (or attempted bans) on its products.

This, and more, in this week’s retail therapy.

Amazon traps Christmas in a box
They say Christmas isn’t about the boxes, but Amazon is trying very hard to challenge that notion. “How,” you ask? By doing what it does best — boxing up everything that has to do with the holiday, including live trees (Christmas cheer, you’re next) and shipping it to your house.

If it seems improbable to cut down a tree, stuff it in a box and ship it to someone’s house, have no fear because Amazon has thought through the logistics, according to the Associated Press, and the only thing families have to sacrifice is the Christmas spirit and camaraderie that comes with going to a field and picking out your own dang tree.

That being said, at least the Christmas tree stunt is aimed at a good cause — getting Christmas trees to the (hopefully) minority of shoppers who don’t want to buy them in person — which is more than can be said about Amazon’s patent to essentially cage workers. The patent predictably received a huge amount of blowback on social media, but it still might not be as weird as A.Human’s fashion exhibit of products that appear to be carved out of human flesh.

In retrospect, maybe shipping Christmas trees is a totally reasonable thing to do. Yeah, let’s go with that.

Apparently Nike signing Colin Kaepernick has made more than just arsonists mad. While the worst of it last week was centered around customers rage-burning Nike apparel, the crisis has since escalated to include frankly alarming attempts to ban Nike products.

Source: Retaildive

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