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Are Analytics An Elephant In The Room?

Are Analytics an Elephant in the Room?

As a Jet Reports user, you know the value you can derive from fast, accurate, anywhere reports. But as a small to medium-sized business, when it comes to identifying trends and leveraging the rich insights buried in all that Microsoft Dynamics data – there is the elephant in the room.
We’re here to help you eat that elephant, one bite at a time.
From now until September 30th, we have an upgrade to Jet Analytics promotion* to help you unleash the true power of your data. 

Why Move to Jet Analytics Now?

With Jet Analytics, you retain everything you love about Jet Reports and unlock the features and functionality that help transform your business quickly, easily, and without risk.
Don’t make business analytics an elephant. Book a demo now or contact your [insert partner name] Account Manager to get started!
We promise the move will be seamless.
Want to learn more about why your organization needs analytics first? Read Business Intelligence vs. Reporting now.
* Book a demo before September 30, 2019, then upgrade within 30 days, and we’ll waive the set-up fee and include TWO months FREE for subscription when pre-paid for a year, or waive your AEP cost for the entire first year for on-premise license upgrade purchases. This includes your Jet Reports AND Jet Analytics subscriptions.  

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