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Jet Analytics Upgrade Promotion:  Customer Email Instructions And Campaign Activities

Jet Analytics Upgrade Promotion: Customer Email Instructions and Campaign Activities

From August 14th to September 30th, 2019, Jet Global will be offering a magnificent promotion on upgrading to Jet Analytics for existing Jet Reports customers. In order to help you leverage this offer in conjunction with our marketing activities, we have provided two turnkey email templates for you to send to your Jet Reports customers. We also have recommended additional activities to boost effectiveness even more.


With this campaign, you are provided 2 email to send customers. The emails are in Word format for your convenience. Feel free to edit the email to your branding, voice, and style preferences prior to loading the copy into your email platform or marketing automation system. Here are some tips and instruction for sending:

1. Timing: Send the emails with plenty of time for customers to evaluate and act on the offer, optimally between August 21st and September 16th, 2019.

2. Schedule: Remember to look at your current email schedule to make sure your dates do not overlap with any other email communications going out. 

3. UTM codes: With this program, you should update all the links to include your Jet assigned UTM code to attribute click-through and lead activity to your company, along with measuring the success. Please see the Using a Jet Global Partner UTM Tracking Code document in this package for more information.

5. Contact link: Include your hosted contact link and/or email at the bottom so customers can reach you directly.

Additional Activities

In addition to sending the customer emails, here are a list of recommended activities and content you can drive to in order to support your efforts and increase conversions/engagement:

1. Social posting: share the posts that @JetGlobalData will be publishing on LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook throughout the course of the campaign, or create your own, unique posts that drives to the campaign page or  campaign pricing request page, or various top of funnel, mid-funnel, bottom-funnel content (see below) around the topic of budgeting and reporting (suggestions below).

2. Newsletter inclusion: sending a newsletter to your customers in August or September? Include this promotion! Want a free copy editor? We are happy to help. Simply email your draft to:

3. Website banner: highlight the Jet Analytics Upgrade Promotion on your website through a banner on your home page and/or on your Jet Global spotlight page(s).

4. Host a webinar: contact your Jet sales representative to coordinate a virtual event that showcases the power of Jet Analytics to your Jet Reports customers.

Supporting Content to Leverage:

Top Funnel:

Mid Funnel:

Bottom Funnel:

Marketing Accelerator Rebate: Your activities on this campaign, such as email sends, newsletter inclusions, or webinar hosting, qualify for MAR funds. Please login to the Jet Partner Portal for instructions and submission.

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