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Optimus Announces The Launch Of The Uber Eats And Uber Direct Connector For Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central Plus Our Work From Home (WHF) And SoftTouch Technology Solutions

Optimus Announces the Launch of the Uber Eats and Uber Direct Connector for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central plus our Work From Home (WHF) and SoftTouch Technology Solutions

Miami, Florida – April 30, 2020 – Optimus Business Transformation, one of the first and leading pioneers in Unified Commerce and Business Transformation for Florida and the Caribbean, announces the launch of our Work From Home (WFH) and SoftTouch Technology Solutions which includes our new Uber Eats – Supermarket Connector for Dynamics 365 Business Central. 

“The post Covid-19 / Coronavirus era will have an economy shaped by new habits and regulations based on reduced ‘close contact’ interactions, tighter travel and hygiene restrictions”. This new paradigm is being referred to in 2020 as the Low Touch Economy by the Board of Innovation (

“To date, Millennials and Generation Z have been the ones leading the charge in unified commerce and other disruptive technologies for businesses. With the new Low Touch Economy, the acceleration to adopting a lot of these existing technologies, have not only reached unprecedented speeds, but in many cases have become a requirement. Just last night I celebrated my nephew’s 2nd birthday in a Zoom Meeting with Grandparents, Cousins, Uncles, Aunts, Nephews, High Schoolers and Friends connecting from Chicago, San Juan, Miami, Austin, New York, Guaynabo (PR), and other cities. While just earlier in the day, I was also interfacing in Zoom and Microsoft Teams for work meetings.” said Hector Negron, MBA, CEO at Optimus. “Based on over 20 years of transforming and digitalizing businesses, I am proud to launch Optimus’s Work From Home (WFH) and SoftTouch Technology Solutions to help resolve the new challenges presented by the Low Touch Economy.”

According to the recent report by analysts, Nick De Mey and Philippe De Ridde from the Board of Innovation, the Low Touch Economy is already here.

“SoftTouch and WFH Solutions are a combination of existing tools, processes and technologies which we have been consulting on for years in Florida and the Caribbean; to which they allow business processes to flow anytime, at any location and on any device. These solutions allow for better Social Distancing while also cutting operational costs and improving customer service. Finally, regulation is here, and new ones will soon be coming. Governments who are now opening their country’s borders will require businesses to have new procedures. Our solutions provide companies with the tools to both adapt and continue operating.” said Vishal Ramnarine, PhD., Director of Business Development and Business Transformation Consultant, Optimus.

Uncertain times require fast and measured changes. Some of Optimus’ solutions have been around for some time and others are being launched now to accommodate this new business paradigm. As such, today Optimus is also proud to announce that Microsoft just completed a Global Case Study for one of our customers in the Caribbean. It will be showcased in Microsoft’s website. In this case study, the customer attests to how the WFH and SoftTouch Tools together with new business processes have helped them manage their operations under Covid-19. Also Today, Optimus is releasing our Uber Connector for Dynamics 365 Business Central. With this connector, businesses can integrate into Uber Eats and Uber’s new Supermarket / Direct platforms. 

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