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9 Reasons Why LS One Is The Ideal POS To Replace Microsoft RMS, Which Is Now End Of Life

9 reasons why LS One is the ideal POS to replace Microsoft RMS, which is now end of life

Microsoft Dynamics Retail Management System (RMS) has now reached its end of life. Mainstream support for the popular Point of Sale software ended in July 2016, and extended lifecycle support will expire on July 13, 2021. 

Time is up: businesses currently using RMS need to find a valid alternative, fast.

Finding the right replacement for RMS: urgent and important

Even if RMS still works well for you, the reality is that it is outdated software.

Now that RMS has reached end of life, if you continue using it you might face issues that endanger your business: for example, integrations may stop working, add-ons may not update, you may lack hardware support, and there could be compatibility issues with other Microsoft products – including your version of Windows or Office.

On top of that, not all partners will support RMS past July 2021 – and even those who do, won’t support the software forever. Technology partners may also charge extra fees to support RMS now that it is officially discontinued.

A POS software that ticks the right boxes

While there are plenty of retail POS in the market, not all of them will do. You need a solution that, like RMS, includes both POS and back office, and which is simple to install, can support multiple currencies and languages, and can be easily configured to meet different needs and industries.

LS One ticks all these boxes – and more. Several of our customers are former RMS user who happily transitioned to LS One. Here are the top 9 reasons why LS One is the ideal alternative to RMS.

1. Keep your data, and import it easily

LS One includes a migration tool which we built specifically for RMS. Extract the data yourself and push it into LS One, saving time and keeping your consultancy fees at a minimum.

2. Get the same core functionality

We have worked with leading RMS partners to create feature parity between LS One and RMS. Move to LS One, and you’ll get all the functionality you are used to:

• A POS whose look and feel can easily be configured to your needs

• Powerful inventory management, including purchase orders and transfers

• Management of items through variants – indispensable for fashion retailers

• Support for chains and multi-store environments

• Ability to use multiple languages, taxation regimes and currencies

• Possibility to expand with your own extensions and add-ons

Like RMS, LS One is based on Microsoft standard technology, so the menus and workflows follow a logic that you are already familiar with.

3. Connect your physical and online stores

While RMS could only be used for your physical stores, with LS One you can manage your brick-and-mortar and online stores within the same software solution. LS One includes an integration framework which makes it easy to connect the POS and back office system to your eCommerce platform. No matter whether you use Shopify, Magento, Salesforce… you can connect it to LS One, and:

• Track your sales across all channels

• Keep your inventory synced up across your retail chain, eCommerce site, and warehouses

• Control items, prices, and descriptions only once, centrally

• Set up promotions and deals that are valid in store and online

• Offer services like click and collect (buy online and pick up in store, or at the curbside).

4. Make your staff mobile

With LS One, you can run your POS on any Android mobile device and tablet. No need to keep your staff stuck behind the counter: let them serve customers and close sales anywhere on the shop floor, in your outdoor lot, at the curb, at a trade show, on a ferryboat. The possibilities are endless.

You can also manage your inventory processes from a mobile device. From receiving goods, to stock counting, transfers, and purchase orders, you can use any mobile to perform all the inventory-related tasks you’d usually do from your back office.

5. Add food service capabilities

Do you run a small café on your store premises? Are you planning to open a bar within your bookstore, or a deli within your grocery store?

With LS One, you get food service capabilities within the same software you use for your retail business. This means you can run your retail and food service business as one, with

• no extra staff training needed

• no integration costs

• a more consistent brand experience for your customers.

And if you want to go all-in with your food service business, LS One is still the ideal choice. From recipe management, to Kitchen Display System (KDS), to self-ordering functionality, LS One for restaurants is a full-fledged food service software – as a matter of fact, it’s the solution of choice of several restaurants, cafés, and casual dining chains around the world.

6. Enhance loyalty

Keep your customers happy and loyal. With LS One you can offer a fun and rewarding loyalty program – included in your LS One license, at no extra cost.

Configure your loyalty scheme as you want: decide how customers can collect and spend points, set up multiple levels of loyalty and offer different rewards. Maybe your Gold club members would like to get a 20% discount on all items on their birthday; or perhaps, they’d be happier with a free ticket to a spa. You decide.

What if you don’t want to run a loyalty program? Then use LS One’s powerful promotion engine to set up offers and discounts that drive sales. From promotional prices, to multibuy offers like “buy 3, pay 2”, to mix and match, you can test different combinations of offers, and design the marketing mix that best fits your business goals. And since you can set up and activate as many offers as you want, there’s no limit to what you can achieve.

7. Get business insights with advanced analytics

They say that the future of retail is data-driven. With LS One, you can run the retail of tomorrow: track and improve your performance with powerful reporting functionality. Use the reports in the system, or build your own: LS One uses the Microsoft (SQL) Report builder, so you can easily set up custom reports that show the data that matters to you.

If you need even more insights, you can use the power of Microsoft Power BI’s advanced analytics. Simply connect your LS One to Power BI using the pre-set integration that’s included in your license, and drive results using AI-powered insights.

8. Offer secure payments

With LS One, you can easily offer secure transactions in your physical and online stores. LS One features a global EFT payment integration which enables you to offer a safe, EMV and PCI-compliant shopping experience on all your sales channels.

9. Grow your business and expand

Unlike RMS, LS One fits both startups with ambitious growth plans and chains of stores.

Heinemann, the global travel retailer, uses LS One in 600 of its duty free and travel shops in airports, cruise ships and border crossings. Some of the reasons why they selected LS One:

• It’s available in multiple languages

•You can accept multiple currencies

•  There are multiple localizations, with different taxation regimes

• You can connect LS One to your favorite ERP using the pre-set integration framework

Don’t just believe our word: try LS One out for free before you make a decision. Import your data, look around, and see for yourself how it can help you power up your business.

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