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Special Reseller Alert: Help Your Clients Manage Rising Fuel Costs

Special Reseller Alert: Help your clients manage rising fuel costs

Rising gas prices have become a huge problem, making it difficult for your clients to figure out how to handle necessary expenses and still turn a profit. As recently as January 2022, the EIA’s Short Team Energy Outlook projected that gas prices would top out at $3.06 per gallon. Given recent events, things have changed. The US has now hit a new all-time high. Some states are posting prices as high as $6 per gallon.

Gas prices have your customers worried, and understandably so. This is the time to reach out to and help your clients. 

Route4Me is a fantastic tool that helps clients understand the fuel costs associated with each route, allowing for better decision-making and operational adjustments. Having detailed fuel projections and cost statistics can help to optimize operational expenses. Using Route4me to leverage the most time and mileage-efficient routes can lead to cost savings of 10%-30%. This can have a dramatic effect on the bottom line of both current customers and prospects. Businesses will be looking to cut expenses, and now is the time to demonstrate the value you bring to their organization. 

For your current users of the Route4Me platform, follow these quick and easy steps to set up and track a fleet’s route and fuel costs: 

  1. Set up fuel prices for the Route4Me account;
  2. Check or update the fuel type and fuel consumption settings of your fleet vehicles;
  3. Assign the vehicle to a particular route;
  4. Use the Summary Table or the Route Manifest to check how much fuel is projected to be used to visit each route destination and how much it costs;
  5. Export routing data with the fuel consumption and fuel costs metrics for generating reports, analyzing your operational expenses, and more.

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