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3 Ways Restaurants Can Stay Profitable During Times Of Inflation: “Engineer A Simpler Menu”

3 ways restaurants can stay profitable during times of inflation: “Engineer a simpler menu”

Reducing the size of your restaurant menu seems like an intimidating task; you’ve already established a set of dishes that define the flavors and style of your brand, but with the rising costs of key ingredients like meat, eggs, and milk, how do you cut things down without sacrificing too much?

Well, to take the first steps, you’ll need to evaluate which dishes are the most popular. Monitoring past sales and measuring how often a dish is ordered can reveal what the majority of your customers want when they walk into your restaurant. Do they frequently purchase mozzarella sticks as an appetizer? Or how about the pastrami sandwich as a main meal? Those are items you’d probably want to keep. The rest? You’ll need to decide what’s worth scrapping. It also helps to have a restaurant management system that allows you to access all this information – from showing you what dishes are selling to telling you how much each ingredient costs, and how much of it you’re using for every dish, etc. If there are items on your menu that aren’t attracting much profit, keeping them won’t provide returns and will end up being more costly for your business. Or, on the other hand, if you see potential in a dish, first consider: how can you promote it to sell more or tweak it so that it catches the eye of hungry patrons?

One idea may be to swap out expensive ingredients for less-costly substitutes. Using an inexpensive alternative, like chicken tenders instead of chicken wings, or something plant-based that may appeal to your health-conscious consumers, can help you save money without forfeiting too many dishes all at once, while also offering you new opportunities for profit.

Source: LS Retail Blog

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