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Grocery Industry

We also offer end-to-end capabilities for modern store operations, merchandising, POS, loyalty programs, hardware, furnishings, e-commerce, call center, marketing, customer care, supply chain, financials, and more. These capabilities are tailored and deployed based on demand so that groceries can select the options that fit their businesses as well as their existing technologies.

Grocery Industry

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You can download the Grocery Fact Sheet for detailed information on our solutions for your industry.

Grocery Fact Sheet

Customer Case Studies

Management at Freshmart decided it was time to move to a more advanced, integrated software solution.
LS Retail partner Optimus already knew the Head of IT at Freshmart. Optimus approached the company,
and after an evaluation process that took around a year, the company decided to move forward with
LS Central and Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.

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