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Unified Commerce: What is it & why you need it!!!

Learn more about retail management system LS Nav, our unified commerce platform.





Online and offline channels are managed as separate. The products, prices, discounts and promotions available may be different on each channel. There is usually little consistency when it comes to branding and overall shopping experience. To customers, each channel feels like a separate brand.



Retailers try to create a consistent customer
experience across sales channels by integrating the
stand-alone software solutions which are used to
run each channel. The customer journey improves,
but the use of separate solutions means that
retailers are still unable to build a single view
of their consumers across channels, can’t keep
track of what is happening across their
enterprise in real time, and do not have one
single version of the truth.


Unified Commerce

The customer experience is put at the center. All sales channels and customer touchpoints are managed within a single retail software platform, which covers the whole business. By having all data stored in one database, retailers can have the real-time, enterprise-wide visibility they need – and offer it to consumers, too.

The Cloud, LS Retail and Unified Commerce

Learn more about how the LS Retail solutions can help you deliver unified commerce. Discover how and why the LS Retail products are migrating to the cloud, and what benefits the cloud and hybrid cloud can bring your business.

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LS Retail & Optimus Success Story

Management at Freshmart decided it was time to move to a more advanced, integrated software solution.
LS Retail partner Optimus already knew the Head of IT at Freshmart. Optimus approached the company,
and after an evaluation process that took around a year, the company decided to move forward with
LS Central and Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.

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